The PGA Tour Is Easier Than Putt-Putt

Golf is a challenging, frustrating, and humbling game. More difficult mentally than physically, it can flummox even the most experienced player. Of course, I am talking about putt-putt with small children. Compared to a round of mini golf with a five, three, and one-year old, the Masters is a walk in the exceptionally landscaped park.Continue reading “The PGA Tour Is Easier Than Putt-Putt”

Can You Describe a Kid in Three Words?

How would you describe your kid in three words? This was a question on a form from my daughter’s pre-school. My first thought was “Does sweetest-little-lady-in-the-world count as one word?” My next thought was that it is an almost impossible task. If I could narrow down just three words to describe any of my kids,Continue reading “Can You Describe a Kid in Three Words?”

Stoic Saturday: Don’t Worry About It

At what point in our lives do we start to become so aware of what other people think? Little kids don’t care. My daughter will break out into full song in the middle of the produce section and not give a second thought as to what the stranger buying avocados thinks about it. But somewhereContinue reading “Stoic Saturday: Don’t Worry About It”

Bathroom Humor: A Parent’s Conundrum

Kids are funny. Though almost never on purpose – their jokes are terrible and they have essentially no sense of comedic timing. But they say and do all kind of ridiculous things thant make you laugh. On one hand, this makes parenting very entertaining. On the other, there are many times when you can’t laughContinue reading “Bathroom Humor: A Parent’s Conundrum”

An Important Lesson for Kids: Life Isn’t Fair

My kids are getting to the age where they are questioning why other kids have something they don’t have or get to do something they can’t do. Part of it is the age. They are still too young to do things they see other people doing, like stay up late or get a big pieceContinue reading “An Important Lesson for Kids: Life Isn’t Fair”

Fighting Dad Stereotypes: Dad Can Fix It

In my ongoing effort to address Dad stereotypes, I want to remind you that not all stereotypes are necessarily negative. I know we’ve all heard them – certain groups of people are good at math, certain groups of people are good at sports, guys who write blogs about being a dad are handsome. Heard themContinue reading “Fighting Dad Stereotypes: Dad Can Fix It”

I Don’t Care If My Kids Learn To Ride a Bike

One of the iconic Dad moments is teaching your kid to ride a bike. You can all picture it clear as day – little kid all wobbly on their little bike, dad running next to them holding on, kid telling dad not to let go, and dad lying to them telling them that he won’t.Continue reading “I Don’t Care If My Kids Learn To Ride a Bike”