Official Ranking of Holidays for Parents

The holiday season is just around the corner, and as I start looking forward to the things I’ll do with and for my kids, it got me thinking about how you approach the holidays differently with kids. Mostly there is less, or at least more discreet, drinking involved. (All manner of booze can be enjoyedContinue reading “Official Ranking of Holidays for Parents”

Fighting Dad Stereotypes: Dad Clothes

In my ongoing attempt to address harmful Dad stereotypes head on, I next take on the issue of dressing like a Dad. Close your eyes and picture what a Dad wears. What do you see? A t-shirt – it’s probably from a vacation destination. Could be from a civil war battlefield, might just say Arizona.Continue reading “Fighting Dad Stereotypes: Dad Clothes”

Summer is Officially Over. Good.

However you choose to mark the end of summer, mark it. Kids are back in school (virtual or otherwise), Labor Day weekend has past, and the weather is cooling off. For some this change of the season comes with a sense of melancholy. They are closing their pools, packing up their cottages, and already longingContinue reading “Summer is Officially Over. Good.”

I Must Protect This House. And These Garbage Cans.

So there I was working from home, sitting in my basement on a Slack call when I hear a sustained car horn – at least a solid four seconds of honk – followed by three or four muffled sounding booms. I’m intrigued. My house is on a corner, so my first thought is car accident.Continue reading “I Must Protect This House. And These Garbage Cans.”

Balancing Work and Home Life When You Work From Home

Opinions and politics aside, nothing is normal about living through this pandemic. What used to be a typical day at the office has been replaced by an atypical day at home. I have been able to continue working without a layoff or hours reduction, and I know I am lucky because of that. However, thisContinue reading “Balancing Work and Home Life When You Work From Home”